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      Les Vignerons des Terroirs de la Noelle belong to Alliance group. Alliance Loire is a group of winegrowers who decided in 2002 to pool their resources in order to offer a complete range of authentic, well-balanced wines from Muscadet to Vouvray along the Loire River. Loire wines in general are known as reasonably priced refreshing wines.

      Location : Anjou, Loire

      Soil : rocky brown sol

      Planting density : 5 000 – 6 000 feet / hectare

      Yield : 5 000 – 6 000 feet / hectare

      Grape varieties : Array

      Age of the vine : 30 years in average

      The Wine


      65% Gamay, 25% Grolleau, 10% Cabernet Franc


      In modern thermo-regulated vats


      The must went through an alcoholic fermentation in a low temperature so that to obtain the maximum aromas. The rosé is « bled » from fermenting vats and bottled early to retain all its freshness.


      Lovely, brilliant rosé colour. Long aftertaste featuring red-berry fruit. Soft, aromatic, easy-drinking wine, best enjoyed young to take advantage of its freshness.

      Food pairing

      Served as an aperitif, for barbecue, nems with shrimp or vegetables and strawberry cakes. To be served fresh at 10 to 12°C.