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      The Loire, by the beautiful scenery and the famous Renaissance castles captivates the viewer, offer the wine connoisseurs of the most famous wine regions of France, the Sancerre. The couple Dominique and Janine Crochet stem from an ancient line of winemakers from Bué, the heart of Sancerre.

      Location : Bué, Loire

      Soil : Clay-limestone

      Planting density : 5 000 – 6 000 feet / hectare

      Yield : 5 000 – 6 000 feet / hectare

      Grape varieties : Array

      Age of the vine : 25 years in average

      The Wine


      100% Pinot noir


      In modern thermo-regulated vats


      The must went through an alcoholic fermentation in a low temperature so that to obtain the maximum aromas. Ageing on fine lees in order to reinforce the smoothness of the wine.


      An elegant dry wine from the upper Loire. Crisp and full, it tingles on the palate. With ripe fruit on the nose, a surprising richness introduces you to a harmonious, subtle and defined palate, long and elegant to the finish.

      Food pairing

      Served as an aperitif and for barbecue and with grilled fish